Welcome to Social Media Photography!

Welcome to Social Media Photography! We are a division of Lisa Stewart Photography and The Lifestylist Brands.

Lisa Stewart is a nationally recognized photographer based in Dallas, TX. She has photographed people and events that that include Maya Angelou, Sigourney Weaver, Francis Ford Coppola, The Great State Fair of Texas, Savor Dallas, Evenings at The James Beard House and many others.

Did you know that last year more photos were taken than in the history of photography? Almost anyone has a phone camera these days and people are taking photos of everything from their best friend's wedding to natural disasters and posting them in the different forms of social media.

Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber understands lifestyle, and her photos whether taken with her iphone or one of her professional cameras tend to capture a side of life that many of us miss when walking by but we all can identify with. Her photos on Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook capture the emotions of people who see them.

Social Media Photography is an extension of what Lisa Stewart Photography provides and makes it possible for not only the press worthy shots to get taken at your event, but we can also now get those raw, not so perfect shots that show the candid side of your event that can be shared on social media and attract new followers.

For more information, Contact Lisa Stewart at: lisa@lasphoto.com

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